The Philly Recipe Project: Sparkling Pink Arnold Palmer

The Philly Recipe Project: Sparkling Pink Arnold Palmer

The Philly Recipe Project: Showing you new ways to use delicious vegan products local to Philly at home!

Sip on this vibrant, bubbly drink that's full of antioxidants!

A classic Arnold Palmer hits the spot when the weather starts heating up, and this sparkling pink Palmer is no less refreshing.

SCB Naturals Antiox Me loose tea gives this drink its beautiful color and a light, floral flavor. The tea is also loaded with immunity boosting antioxidants, so you can feel good about what you're putting in your body while you sip and relax!

In addition to loose teas, SCB Naturals creates high quality soaps and skincare products that are completely vegan and cruelty free! You can find her amazing products online and in stores around Philadelphia.

Try this recipe using Antiox Me or another loose tea by SBC Naturals next time you're trying to chill out!


4 oz SCB Naturals Antiox Me tea, brewed
2 oz sparkling water
4 oz lemonade
orange or lemon slices

Tea Ingredients:

3 tbsp SCB Naturals Antiox Me loose tea
8 oz water


  1. Boil water, then steep loose tea in water for at least 10-20 minutes using a tea ball. If you don't have a tea ball, feel free to steep loose tea in the water and strain through a coffee filter. Refrigerate to cool completely.

  2. Fill a cup with ice. Add lemon or orange slices to glass if desired. Pour in lemonade, then brewed tea, then sparkling water.

  3. Stir with a straw or spoon.

  4. Sip and enjoy!!

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