F*ck, That's Vegan?! #21

F*ck, That's Vegan?! #21

21. "A Tooth to Pick"

Do you shamelessly pick your teeth after eating? Of the various experiences and meals within F*ck, That’s Delicious to "veganize", a breakdown of the many tools that can be used to pick one's teeth (cigarette pack cellophane, NYC MetroCards, and business cards are among the craftier options Bronson mentions) is certainly one of the more puzzling to approach.

So I decided to create this short list of toothpick options; a mix of eco-friendly, sustainable, or reusable, and all vegan-friendly! We've got something for pretty much everyone, whether you're a floss pick type, a regular floss type, or prefer a pointy end.

I even included an option for plantable seed paper business cards if by chance that's the only method you'll use to remove food from between your teeth. It could also come in handy if you were looking for a unique business card option.

If you were looking for toothpicks that make your teeth and conscience feel a little cleaner than single-use options, check out this vegan-friendly list below!

1. Floss Picks

Pick on one end, floss on the other. The best part about the ones linked below are that they're made using plant-based materials, mainly cornstarch:

Mint Floss Picks from The Humble Co.

Charcoal Floss Picks from The Humble Co.

2. Plain Floss

Plain ol' floss is probably the healthiest way to clean between your teeth, especially if you've got sensitive gums. The flosses linked below are each come in refillable, glass containers and are made using compostable materials:

Bamboo Floss (mint & tea tree) from Eco Roots

Corn Floss (mint & tea tree) from Eco Roots

Flavorless Floss from Bite

3. Interdental Brushpicks

If you're in need of tiny interdental brushes, here's eco-friendly option:

Bamboo Interdental Brushes from Spotlight Oral Care

4. One Sided Toothpicks

Do you need a regular old pointy toothpick? Ditch the single use wooen picks and try out something reusable, like a titanium toothpick:

Titanium Toothpicks from Package Free

5. Bamboo Cocktail Picks

A classic pick that in appetizer use can be dressed up or down, and of course can always be used to clean teeth afterward:

Looped Bamboo Skewer from Bio and Chic

6. Business Cards

Need to order some business cards to pick your teeth with or pass out at events? Rather than ending up in a landfill, these seed paper business cards can be put to practical use or returned to nature:

Plantable Seed Business Cards from Biotanical Paperworks

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