F*ck, That's Vegan?! #18

F*ck, That's Vegan?! #18

18. "Toilet Mags"

Sitting on the toilet while flipping through a magazine about delicious food: is it gross, or a wonderful way to build your culinary acumen?

Instead of the usual veganized recipe from the F*ck, That’s Delicious book, I'm veganizing a treasured experience — food magazines by the toilet — in FTV?! #18. Never seen a bathroom magazine collection? Where have you been pooping all these years?

If reading about food on the toilet sounds like a way you want to spend your time, check out this list of (mostly online) vegan magazines and publications that will leave you feeling like a competent and well-read vegan foodie after toilet time.

Side note: Apart from featuring great recipes and food-focused stories, most of the publications below also have some amount of lifestyle, wellness, news, and other pretty helpful and entertaining information to find on their sites. However, since "Food Magazines By the Toilet" is the assignment, I've specifically linked the food or recipes section of each of these kick-ass, female founded, vegan publications below!!

There are some great publications out there that are print-only/paid, but to make this easier on you as the reader, only the free food-related content those publications offer is linked below.

VegOut Magazine

Founded by Maggie Ortlieb in 2016, the always on-trend VegOut Magazine seeks to keep it's readers up-to-date on the latest vegan happenings, must-visit restaurants, and travel destinations.

Read to: discover the best things to eat, see, and do right in your city as a vegan

Chickpea Magazine

Cara Livermore founded this very aesthetically pleasing magazine. It's a small, paid publication with 2 issues (in digital and print) a year, but you can read the magazine's blog posts for free.

Read to: find your new favorite vegan cookbook via their book and recipe reviews, plus some original recipes

THRIVE Magazine

Miranda Pleasant founded plant-based lifestyle magazine THRIVE. The content they create is great for the health-focused!

Read to: get lost in a sea of quick and healthy recipes, plus a ton of wellness-focused material


Founded by Jodie Monelle, LIVEKINDLY Media's mission is nobly but simply to contribute to making a kinder world by helping people make "kinder choices".

Read to: spark your desire for social change, learn about the newest vegan products, or try some fun recipes out


Renowned vegan lifestyle brand VegNews was co-founded by Colleen Holland. It started out as a humble, 28-page print newspaper, but has transitioned to glossy magazine and digital format since.

Read to: explore the latest vegan news, insights on the industry, health and wellness takes, and an incredible variety of recipes

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